Camera di commercio italo libica

Comunicazione camera di commercio di Bengasi e risposta del Presidente

Di seguito la comunicazione della camera di commercio di Bengasi e la risposta del Presidente della camera di commercio italo-libica. Si allegano i documenti originali.

To: Italian Libyan Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of all members of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture- Benghazi, Libya, the residents of the city and the Libyan people in general, we are extending all sympathy for those living with or living in fear of
being infected with the Coronavirus.
All solidarity with those facing increasing hardship due to the economic cost of the transitory ordeal. All the greetings, encouragement and gratitude of the heroes of the battle against the virus and all the support for the state institutions, including the presidency, government, and local authorities in their struggle against the virus.
All confidence and complete assurance that Italian people will surmount this ordeal safely. In this time of crisis, we are standing firm with you and willing to provide all possible assistance to you.
Let this transient crisis be an opportunity for the best of us to overcome the worst of us.

Raad Ablal
Director of International Relations

Dear friends,
I thank you for your wishes and for your presence in these hard days.
I hope you -And our beloved Lybia- will not experience what happened in Italy in the last days and is now on going in other countries.
We realize, at last, that we need to change our approach to live the planet, and put people's well being and respect for the environment first. Otherwise we will simply waste our lifes in destroying what surrounds us with new wars, with or without arms.
In this moment we should use friendship and tolerance, intelligence and willpower to build and give our children a real bright future.
Now we understand that we all really belong to the same three.
See You soon my friends

GianFranco Damiano
President Italian Libyan Chamber of Commerce